Warranty and Sales Contract

Condition of Sale:

This sales contract is between Black Rock Labradoodles (Brandie Daniels) & __________________________.

The puppy is an intact Australian Labradoodle:







Puppies name:_______________________

The total price for this dog is $3000.00. This price includes up to date vaccinations, deworming, microchip and two year health warranty. Owner agrees to have the puppy spay/neutered before the puppy reaches 7 months of age. The owner will provide proof of spay or neutering of the puppy, to the breeder by means of veterinarian receipt by no later than 7 months of age.

If owner does not provide proof of spay/neuter by the deadline listed above, the owner agrees to pay Breeder an additional sum of $10,000 as liquidated damages, and all legal expenses incurred by breeder on a full indemnity basis for enforcing this provision.


Health Guarantee

The purchaser is strongly advised to have their puppy checked by preferred vet within 3 days of receiving puppy. If there is any reason the puppy is deemed unhealthy at veterinarian visit, buyer will need proof of same in the form of a written statement of diagnosis, symptoms, and tests to support diagnosis within one day.  If the buyer does not have a veterinarian examine the puppy within this time frame the warranty becomes null and void.  If these conditions are met and puppy returns in the same condition, buyer will receive a full refund on purchase price.

This warranty covers hip dysplasia, if during the first two years the dog is diagnosed with bilateral hip dysplasia, and is life debilitating, a replacement pup will be offered at discretion of the breeder OR half of the purchase price will be returned to the buyer and the buyer keeps the purchased puppy. At this time the breeder will request records of all vaccinations, worming’s and any other health information and conditions the pertain. This warranty will be considered null and void if the dog is found to be excessively overweight or proven to be exercised to excess at a young age.

This health guarantee does not include viral illnesses past the 3 day period, infections, parasites and no physical injury due to ingestion of foreign objects or chemicals.

If puppy is deemed to be subject to abuse this warranty becomes null and void.

The buyer agrees to:

-provide quality food

-provide in home living, not to be kept outside

-provide human companionship, adequate training, mental stimulation, and to meet the mental and physical needs of the dog

-secure veterinarian care and keep free of internal and external parasites

-contact breeder in the event you cannot keep the puppy in relation to rehoming

If requesting refund, buyer must provide to breeder the veterinarian records showing all preventative care was provided. In cases of neglect, abuse, or obesity by buyer (or any party in buyers household) this health contract will be found null and void.

Buyer is responsible for all veterinary care once puppy leaves breeders possession to buyers home. Buyer agrees to hold breeder harmless from any damages (financial or personal) to property, other pets or persons, that may be caused by said puppy throughout life of said puppy.

Buyer acknowledges that this written agreement constitutes the entire agreement regarding the health of the puppy described above.

By affixing his/her signature below, buyer understands and approves the provisions and terms stated here and agrees to same.

Breeder: Brandie Daniels ; Black Rock Labradoodles

814 Russia Rd, Black Rock, NS, B0P 1V0


Signature of Breeder:_______________________              Date:_________                                                                  


Signature of Buyer: ________________________               Date:_________                                                  




Phone Number:_____________________________


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